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The Batteries Plus Bulbs is a US national Home goods company located in Arlington, Texas. To figure out why customers choose Batteries Plus Bulbs and to assess the reputation of the company, check the latest reviews on this page. Also, you can add your own review with the latest experience of cooperation with this company.

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    kevin Beasley
    Posted Aug, 16 2019
    This was the most horrible customer experience I have ever encountered and I just came to the store for some D batteries that they are advertising online I was asked was it for business or personal and I said personal the guy come back and tell me the cannot sell me because they will only sell to commercial customers I said it don't say it online may speak to a manager She came out and she was pleasant at first her name is crystal I showed online where it didn't ask about that the batteries doing my research and it didn't say commercial customers then she said it didn't matter that she wasn't going to sell them to me I went to my car and tried to get a number for corporate and I called around to other stores to ask if this was common policy and found out it wasnt So I went and asked the store to get what was online when I came back in to get to get the store policy and ask the sales person for the crystal the manager and another guy said she was on the phone with the police I'm thinking surely it wasn't for me I'm just trying to buy some D batteries for some Mr Beams motion lights items another batteries plus told me about and she was told I was waiting on her and she said where I can hear her I'm on the phone with the police ..i heard her myself and when she came out her attitude was different she raised her voice at me and I ask why she said because I asked her again about company policy I asked her about the police were called on me she said no but I said if so I will wait because I hadn't done anything so I would gladly speak to them...she said she just said i got the policy and went to the store to purchase my d batteries at another batteries plus I went there and made my purchase it's sad because before ever going into a batteries plus last year I didn't know how much they had to offer and it was a pleasant experience with the other store but this experience has turn me off on batteries plus....and this is a franchise store ....I wonder if the franchisee knows this occurs at his store that customer get treated like this.....very sad indeed I wish I could give them a lower star than a one
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